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Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

Bonded solutions allow you to lead a care-free active lifestyle. The application lasts from 4-6 weeks and is so natural looking and feeling it is only up to you to tell. Shanna’s systems are made of 100% human hair and can be cut, colored and styled to your exact desire. That’s 4-6 weeks of being able to shower, towel dry, swim, exercise or even do hot yoga! (Seriously, one of our guests is a hot yoga instructor and loves her bonded system so much, she says it has given her her life back). Many of our guests are completely blown away when they wake up with a full head of hair for the first time in decades….or shower, shampoo and STYLE their beautiful new hair. No more reaching for a hat when the doorbell rings, or telling your kids you can’t dunk your head under water when you take them swimming. Call us today for a consultation and start leading a life never having to worry about your hair.