Alopecia in the News

Alopecia areata (aka alopecia) is a disorder that causes hair loss. The amount of hair loss can range form a few isolated spots of hair loss on the scalp to a more extensive loss of hair. While the exact cause is unknown, it’s usually considered to be an auto-immune disorder, where a person’s immune system winds up attacking their hair follicles. Alopecia was recently brought into the spotlight after the Will Smith/Chris Rock incident at the 94th Academy Awards. Chris Rock made a joke regarding Jada’s shaved head, which led to an altercation.

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The Valentines Day I’ll Never Forget

I went back and told Mary what had just happened. She was shocked and immediately started crying… I was crying and Lorena was crying! I walked out for a moment and asked them to please meet her. I sincerely felt it would help all of them. Sally came in and Lorena introduced them to each other. They hugged and Sally told Mary through her tears how sorry she was for her suffering.  Lorena and I were hugging and crying. Then Sally’s husband came in and in fluent Spanish, he talked to Mary.   It was beautiful.

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