Cesare Regazzi Laboratories – Trichology

Refined Hair is proud to work with Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories (CR Labs), an established leader in the field of scientific research into hair and scalp disorders as well as the development of effective hair loss treatments. CR Labs was started as a small research laboratory in 1968 in Bologna, Italy. At Refined Hair, we use the CR Lab Trichology treatments as well as their advanced CNC® System. Today, we will explain what each trichology treatment that we offer at our studio does and who it benefits.


CR Labs recognized the need to treat your scalp the way you do your skin – with great care. This realization began their journey of researching the major causes that affect hair and scalp conditions and later the development of their solution, trichology treatments.

Before beginning a trichology treatment on a client, we first use CR Labs patented Tricotest® to examine the scalp and assess follicle health, PH and sebum levels. The Tricotest® takes into account diet, lifestyle, hereditary conditions and medical history (including burns, trauma, and chemotherapy).

Once we have administered this test, it will provide a detailed map of the client’s problem areas and based off of the results, each client will be placed with whichever trichology line best fits their scalps needs. At our studio, we offer three lines – the yellow line (Sebum Regulating and Oily Dandruff Kit), the green line (Hair Loss Prevention Kit) and the purple line (Moisturizing and Dry Dandruff Kit). Once the Trichology treatment has been determined, it’s time to start working on the end goal – bringing new life to the hair!

Sebum Regulating and Oily Dandruff Kit

The yellow line was created to regulate the scalps sebum levels (amount of oil) as well as to treat greasy dandruff formation. This line purifies the scalp and frees it from excess sebum production that could affect hair metabolism. Excess sebum can have a negative impact on hair quality, causing it to become dirty, heavy, weak or thin. The yellow line contains an astringent essential oil mixture and several plant extracts with high nutritive activities to add strength to your hair.

Hair Loss Prevention Kit

The CR Lab green line helps fight to thin and shedding problems as well as giving volume and vitality to the current thin hair. This hair loss line starts by purifying the scalp and then moves to fight your hair loss with active anti-hair loss ingredients, such as Serenoa repens extract (commonly known as saw palmetto extract). This line also focuses on regenerating and nourishing the hair, giving it everything it needs to grow stronger and healthier, and lessen the chance of the hair falling out.

Moisturizing and Dry Dandruff Kit

The main purpose of the purple line is to fight persistent dry dandruff and help with irritations such as redness, itchiness and scalp tenderness. The essential oils in this line are able to stop dehydration on the scalp which has a soothing and rejuvenating effect. In addition, antibacterial agents are used to fighting the main contributing factor to dandruff, helping to avoid dandruff recurrence in the future.

Hopefully, this blog helps you understand what each CR Lab Trichology treatment accomplishes and who it benefits. Do you suffer from any of the scalp or hair conditions mentioned above? If so, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation. Keep a lookout for our next blog explaining CR Labs patented CNC® System!