Shanna Moll and Lorena Sanchez are Certified in Hairdreams Hair Extensions

Shanna Moll Studios considers Hairdreams 7-Star quality hair extensions to be the “Rolls Royce” of hair. Hairdreams extensions are 100% human hair from all over the world. Hairdreams hair can be treated and styled just as you would your own hair. The hair can be washed, dried, and curled or straightened with styling irons. You will also be able to swim with your extensions in pools or salt water. As with your own hair it is strongly recommended to rinse or wash your hair after swimming to maintain moisture, however, the bonds are not affected by swimming whatsoever. Many clients report their hair is much easier to style and looks better than before with less work because of this!

Hairdreams 100% human hair is available in custom curl patterns, over 50 different colors/shades, and in lengths ranging from 10″ all the way to 22″. There is also 5-star quality texture for those with a more coarse hair texture to ensure a perfect undetectable match. This is why Hairdreams hair extensions are the premium choice. Call us today to schedule a consultation so that we can show you the Hairdreams difference!

Discover the new revolutionary method, which…

  • Gives you invisible, undetectable hair needed for a fuller and longer hair
  • Is gentle on your own hair and even protects it from damaging environmental factors
  • Everyone will admire your new hair and you won’t want to not stop looking at yourself in the mirror ….
  • …and all in just about one hour!


The Laserbeamer NANO System is the most innovative method to create natural fullness and length in a very gentle manner. Hairdreams 100% real human hair combined with patented NANO Technology that “invisibly“ integrates into one‘s own hair. The additional hair strands are permanent which means they become a natural part of your own hair. You can style your hair as you normally do, but have much more styling possibilities than ever before. No matter what you are doing (Sports, Sauna, swimming, etc.) your Hairdreams hair can withstand any activity and always look perfect!


Do you love creative trendy hairstyles?
Do you like to frequently change your hairstyle?
Then Hairdreams Quikkies is the perfect choice for you!

Your Hairdreams specialist can instantly create head-turning trendy color effects, lengthen your bangs, create asymmetric hairstyles and more! Do you have fine hair and find that bonding points of hair creations are not completely covered by your own hair? Or do you want to add more volume and length as easy and as fast as possible? Then Hairdreams Quikkies is also a perfect solution for you!


Hairdreams Quikkies are tiny, self-adhesive strips that are made from special ultra-light microfiber gauze with premium human hair strands attached to it.  It allows for fast, gentle and long-lasting integration into your own hair.

They are extremely flat, flexible and durable and conform perfectly to the clients head, allowing for the highest comfort, natural fall of the hair for the most naturally looking style. They can be applied very gently and without any additional tools in very little time.

Even cases with serious hair loss and bald spots can receive perfect hair volume with Hairdreams. The client’s own hair is supplemented and filled in with high-grade, hand-selected 100% real human hair. This hair matches the client’s hair in terms of color, lengths, and structure, creating an absolutely natural-looking result. The integration process is gentle and non-damaging. The additional hair feels like the client’s own hair and can be worn without any noteworthy lifestyle limitations. The additional hair volume is indistinguishable from the client’s natural hair.