Shanna Moll Approaches Hair Loss

with Passion and Visible Results

Shanna Moll’s mission is to make every person in her chair feel heard, confident and proud of their hair by the time she is done serving them. A Master Stylist and Hair Integration Specialist, Shanna has been servicing clients in the Austin area and surrounding cities for more than 25 years. Her expertise and passion drive her to constantly grow and evolve with new emerging processes, styles and aspects of hair design with and for her clients.

Get to know Shanna and learn what makes her profession unique and special to thousands of clients in Texas:

How did you become a Master Stylist and Hair Integration Specialist?

While I had helped many clients with thinning hair through my expertise in hair extensions, I started feeling drawn towards helping those with profound hair loss. I noticed an increasing number of people coming in with severely thinning hair and realized two things. First, I felt a tremendous amount of gratitude to be able to help people in much more serious situations than some of my usual clients who just needed a cut or color. Second, that if I was really serious about specializing in hair loss solutions, I needed to receive training. And so began the start of my journey in helping those with hair loss solutions and I’ve loved every day more than the last!

Why do you refer to yourself as a Hair Therapist?

I call myself a Hair Therapist because I deal with my clients from the inside out. Hair loss can be stressful and frustrating and it affects a person’s confidence and self-worth. When clients come to me, they are not only getting a hair loss solution but an expert and a friend to talk to about their problems and worries associated with their hair loss.

What are the costs associated with your services?

Unfortunately, there really is no way to give a set number of how much my services may cost. It constantly varies based on the person and what they need specifically. I try my best to do everything efficiently and in a cost-effective way for the client.

How do you want clients to feel when they come into your studio?

The whole design of the studio was with the client in mind, ensuring that everyone who comes in feels comfortable, safe and taken care of. My goal is for every person to leave my studio feeling like their problems were heard, solutions are on the way and they could let go of some of that stress they’ve been holding in from the emotional rollercoaster that hair loss causes.

What is your favorite part of the day?

Changing people’s lives!!!

What would you like every client to know?

I only live in integrity and transparency. I can not tell you how many clients come in and have spent thousands of dollars on solutions that won’t work for them because of companies that take advantage of their obvious desire for a hair loss solution.

What is the hardest part of your job?

The hardest part of my job is having to tell someone that they can’t deny where they are in their hair loss journey and how I can help them. And of course, money being an issue is always hard because hair loss solutions are extensive and can be pricey. That’s why I pride myself on being fair and honest about what it is going to cost and that my services WILL be a solution for them— I’m not going to take advantage of my clients as they have been in the past.

What is your favorite quote?

“She believed she could so she did!”

To schedule a consultation or appointment with Shanna, call (512) 789-5630 or fill out a contact form here.